presber coaching + consulting

  • You have an important role in your organisation, but somehow you find yourself working around the clock to “stay on top”, and you have lost your sense of vision or direction?
  • You are a manager or leader in a fast-changing corporate environment and you would like to increase your own leadership effectiveness?
  • There is an issue with the current “culture” or “climate” in your company. You would like to change this, but don’t know how?
  • You are leading a team and things are running “so-so”. You feel that it would be really good to address the atmosphere or the organisation within the team to improve motivation and performance, but you don’t know how?
  • You are being asked to implement a change in your organisation or department, but you don’t know where to start?
  • You are facing an important decision in your professional life and are having difficulty sorting through the different factors ?
  • .. or you and/or your team want to create and implement a new vision for your organisation or department and need external advice or support?
Or any other challenge you are facing which is related to you

inspiring leaders, managers and change drivers in organisations to move beyond their goals

I combine extensive knowledge and experience in working in leading roles in international organisations with some of the best methodologies and coach training there is. My purpose is to support people and teams in organisations in moving ahead, taking charge, and to transform their professional challenges into milestones of their personal growth.

pragmatic, concise solutions, tailored to your needs

We often lack the time and the resources to implement change. My approach therefore is to partner with you and to keep it simple and based on real-life. The objective is not to sell you tools or expensive programmes, but to assist your process pragmatically – wherever you are right now. I will apply my expertise and resources to help you unmuddle your thoughts, to think clearly about what you value, to find what really matters for you. The objective is to help you find your own way towards tangible solutions.

a whiteboard for transformation

People in organisations are sometimes caught in a hamster-wheel of deadlines, projects, day-to-day, email, politics, conflicts, and so on. I provide you with a “pause button” and a “whiteboard”, a neutral and open place to stop, think, look at a situation with a different perspective, dream, envision, create… The focus is to stimulate creativity, imagination and new thinking and to help you step back from your day-to-day – before you then decide to actively take back control of your work and your life with much clearer insights about yourself and what motivates you.

international & flexible

I work internationally, with individuals and teams, via their organisations or privately, in German, English, French, in person, over the phone or Skype – this is “the world I know” and I simply love this diversity!
Different thinking. Tangible change.