experiential learning from within

It is a proven fact that in order to truly learn something, especially as an adult, you need to experience it. And whenever people are really ready to making changes in how they behave at work or in life, it is always based on a deeper, more emotional experience they made at one point which finally showed them that they needed to change.

My coaching or workshop programmes work that way. Whatever the issue, I will first assist you in thoroughly analysing and understanding your situation and how this affects you before I support and challenge you in taking action. My intention is to make awareness and learning from experience a conscious habit for you. When no longer merely reacting to circumstances, you actually start to step back and create, lead and influence positive change in your life or in your organisation. You do this from where you are, regardless of your position or hierarchy level, because you have truly understood why and what for!



different from classic training programmes

Every time you try out something new, something that is based on your own action and not a ready-made formula, it will bring about a a clearer sense of what motivates you and what doesn’t. This type of “learning” is very different from “classic” soft skills training programmes which focus mainly on passing on knowledge about current best practice – regardless of whether you are actually “ready” and motivated to receive such a message and make changes in the way you act or behave.
Different thinking. Tangible change.