Reading and writing,
arithmetic and grammar
do not constitute education,
any more than a knife,
fork and spoon
constitute a dinner.
John Lubbock

training & workshops

Through group trainings or workshops, I support people using what they themselves have learned. I can help them connect the dots and come to a higher level of understanding of themselves and their impact, so that they can grow as leaders.

Whether you want to develop leadership behaviours or emotional intelligence amongst managers or leaders in your company, whether you want to improve communication or relationships within a team or across your company, or whether you want to support your most talented people in becoming effective “people developers” themselves – these are just some examples of experiential “group learning events” that we can create together.
Typical areas for workshops or trainings include:
  • Leadership behaviours
  • Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • New Manager, How Do I “Manage”?
  • Influencing & Personal Impact
  • Effective Relationships
  • Coaching Skills for Managers or HR Business Partners
  • Individual and Team 360° Feedback Processes & Follow-up Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution
Design principles for all group programmes:
  • Transformative coach-style experiential trainings to create real tranformation and learning from within. ”Information only” is not enough to create real and lasting change
  • Support for organisations in establishing a “common language” and a culture in which people communicate and learn from each other
  • Action-oriented approach to create learning in “real life”. For example, training participants will need to implement and try out their learnings in their work environment as part of the programme
  • Inspiring and relevant learnings through a combination of diagnostic tools, theory, the best methodologies – and real workplace experience
  • Follow-up of individual coaching or group sessions to embed learnings in real life and to improve the sustainability of key learnings
Different thinking. Tangible change.