how it works

The structure and length of a coaching programme can vary, but we usually work together between 3-8 months.

Initial Discovery Session to clarify objectives and expectations

The first step to any coaching programme always consists in clarifying the main areas you want to develop, the outcome you wish to achieve, and how you will know that you have met these. For this, we usually meet for 1.5 – 2 hourswhere we discuss and get to know each other better. This first session is also where we will establish the ground rules or “contract” for our relationship and clarify mutual expectations. We then set out the coaching objectives, outcomes and measures in a written Coaching Agreement.

Learning process supported through diagnostic instruments

Depending on the nature of our agreement, we might decide to use a variety of coaching methodologies, tools and approaches in order to enhance and speed up your learning process. This usually will take place during the first part of our coaching relationship so that we can use the outcomes and learnings from these methodologies and refer back to them later on.

Ongoing coaching discussions

We will meet every 3-4 weeks until the end of the agreed coaching assignment. These meetings can take place either in person, per phone or per skype – depending on your preference. For in-person meetings, we either meet in conference rooms at your offices or at a convenient offsite location.

Checking in half-way and integration

We typically review progress mid-way through the programme and again at the end. At the last coaching meeting, we will evaluate the overall progress and agree on how you will sustain what you have learned.
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