People don't resist change.
They resist being changed!
Peter Senge

HR & change consulting

Change is the “only constant” in organisations today. It can be natural and energising – and it can be difficult to implement. It can be easy to know what change is required – but any successful change needs knowledge and resources.

In this context, I offer to partner with you around specific change processes in your organisations. I support you and your HR departments with my time and expertise to make your change processes a success – from conceptualisation to actual and real hands-on support during communication and implementation.

The main focus here is to assist you in creating the bridge between the factual requirements for change and the people in your organisation so that they understand and support the process.

Areas for potential collaboration are:
  • Strategy Development
  • Culture Assessment and Change
  • Development and Implementation of new HR Initiatives, for example Talent Management, Succession Planning, Performance Management Systems, Competency Management, or other
  • Implementation of internal feedback systems
…and these are just some examples.
Different thinking. Tangible change.