clients & feedback

I have worked with leaders and/or teams of the following companies.

«J’aime beaucoup travailler avec Claudia, d’abord parce que je me sens en sécurité et donc libre de m’exprimer totalement. Elle m’a permis de percevoir les comportements qui ne me convenaient pas sous un jour plus favorable, voir non pas ce qu’ils m’empêchaient de faire, mais plutôt ce qu’ils me permettaient de réaliser.»
Managing Director, Interim Agency, Luxembourg
«Claudia radiates an air of calm on me and I felt immediately comfortable in her presence. Adopting the right amount of distance, she helped me unknot my work situation and my thoughts and feelings about tackling the change I needed.»
Manager, Government Agency, Luxembourg

«Claudia’s coaching really supported me in defining my key professional goals and hence how to get to those.»
Sales Director, Financial Services, Madrid
«Working with Claudia has proved invaluable to me as it helped me to focus and pinpoint those specific areas of areas of my career/life that I knew were stifling my ability to grow professionally, but couldn’t exactly pinpoint the specifics. Claudia has a unique way of being able to ask probing questions, pick up on a single word or expression that I reply with and take that little information to places that really got to the root of where I was struggling. I found myself, both mentally exhausted and yet, completely recharged, after every session of working with her, digging deep and examining all aspects of myself as a leader, manager, team member and person. That I was able to conduct these sessions over the phone was equally as rewarding as it allowed me to maximize my free time, and work within the confines of my already over scheduled day.»
Vice President, Financial Services, Boston
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